Tips to Going Viral On Instagram Reels

Viral On Instagram Reels

TikTok’s departure paved the way for Instagram’s Reels — which has allured millions into creating short videos. This form of content has now emerged as the most preferred way of sharing content and garnering the eyeballs of a wider audience. Reels’ addition to the already captivating platform — Instagram, has only strengthened the platform’s dominance. 

Released in the prevailing times, Reels became an overnight sensation and is now touted as the go-to platform for creators to share their work in under half a minute. However, understanding that being identified in a horde of billion-plus users is never an easy task, brands and creators are finding ways to stay relevant and remain on top of the ‘Reels’ game.

Following is a list of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Instagram’s Reels

Feature and Ideas to go Viral On Instagram Reels.  

Integrating hashtags 

Ever since the inception of social media platforms, the integration of hashtags has always been there. Be it a novice or an influencer, hashtags have been the mainstay in reaching out to new and relevant audiences on Instagram. However, to serve the right kind of audience — you need to use relevant hashtags that are widely circulated on the platform. 

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That said, inundating your reels with countless hashtags doesn’t guarantee you results. Keeping the hashtag count to about fifteen or less has higher chances of getting noticed on this platform that is blowing up with content. The advent of social media tools and “digital gurus” might help you decipher the kind of hashtags users are searching for — so you have it easier to reach out to your target audience. 

Short and effective 

This fast-paced world has barely any time for long forms of content. TikTok’s introduction into the market bedazzled billions — with little over a 10-second clip garnering millions of views in the blink of an eye. Instagram’s answer to the aforementioned rival seems to be doing well for now. 

To be seen in this overcrowded pool of enthusiastic creators, your content must grasp the viewer’s attention from the very first second of your reel. So consider churning out your talent within the first 15 seconds — as this figure seems to have done wonders rather than using the maximum time offered to you by Reels.

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Use trending music

There is no denying the invaluable benefits trendy and catchy hooks bring to reel — TikTok proved it, and Reels is taking it a step further. Including trendy music in your reel will reap you rewards in the form of views and likes. The significance of the catchy tune will propel the viewer to share your content, thus increasing the chance of being viewed by a new audience. 

The general rule of thumb is to integrate sounds of well-established pages. Then, if followers of such pages happen to click the original audio tag, you are likely to be discovered. Much like the erstwhile Cadillac of video-sharing platforms — TikTok, Instagram Reels also allows you to filter content by trending music, so you get easily noticed by the audience searching for trending content. 

Sharing reels on stories 

The laborious efforts put into making a fun-filled and enticing reel might not meet precious fruits if it is not being shared the right way. Promoting a newly created reel on your story has the power to coax your followers by tapping and viewing the content. Also, by sharing pre-existing reels on your story, you give your audience a peek into how you’ve progressed as a content creator since your first reel. 

Reels are addictive, period! The short-video feature is lucrative and has become the fastest medium to go Viral On Instagram Reels and promote work organically. These tips will help you pop up on your audience’s screens, but to stay known, consistency is the key here. To strike a chord with a substantial audience, you will have to create exciting content regularly that can be worth sharing and remembering.

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