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With diverse skill sets and talents, ASK is empowering businesses design, and create remarkable products and services. UI and UX design are the most used terms in website and application design.

User Interface and User Experience Designs are essentials in crafting a best-in-class product. Join us as we execute interacting and easy-to-user interfaces to surpass the market competition.

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Development Process


Step 1: User Research

For a well-finished product, we perform detailed research to learn user behavior and build a product for a worthwhile experience.

Step 2: Workflow

Next up, the workflow is established by understanding the actions of users. The established flows are confronted to bring out the best possible results. 

Step 3: Wireframe

Since the workflows are established based on user flows, the architecture of the screen is created with the collaboration between UI, UX, and other development teams.

Step 4: Prototyping

In this stage, we test the product and carry out the necessary feedback and execute based on the results of user testing.  

Step 5: Front-End Development

Post the user testing; designs are created to work with multiple devices and resolutions.

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The User Experience (UX) design is a long and tedious process. UX takes into the picture every aspect of the product, what makers believe their product to be, and work towards implementing it at a functional level. Since it is under the operational level design implementation, the process is bound to take a long time as it requires working with the owner and usability validations. 


There are a variety of reasons to work with a UI/UX Design Company in Bangalore. First of all, they provide benefits to large-sized companies by letting them focus on current processes and tasks. 

With ASK’s assistance, you receive fresh ideas and advice on launching a successful product or service. Also, as a UI/UX agency from Bangalore, we utilize the best and most up-to-date practices in this field.


Working with UI/UX design company in Bangalore offers a ton of benefits. User Interface or UI designer has a job of creating wireframes, mockups, designs, and of everything required for the project at hand. A UI designer is also someone who requests for feedback, validate and test designs with real users.

Whereas a UX designer’s job is to understand the requirements, figure out the problem, and then research. To put it simply, the UX designer is one who hands out an idea, while the UI designer brings the idea to life.


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