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Web Designer

Yes. A website built by us is 100% custom made with boundless revisions to the design. ASK delivers custom websites starting from the design to the administration area to assist you in managing all facets of the site all by yourself.

A search engine friendly website is crucial as it would increase your business presence on Google SERPs.

ASK creates websites with designs that are compliant with the search engine. With ASK, your website will be re-evaluated based on changing search engine guidelines and algorithms. Ergo, we ensure that you stay on the top of the SEO game and compliant with new rules.

The cost depends entirely on its complexity. We respect our clients the same, regardless of their status or company. ASK is more than happy to talk about your requirements and then provide you with a quote.

Please fill in the form to start a discussion and kick-start the project. To proceed, we ask about the nature of the site, your graphic requirements, etc. Generally, a meeting isn’t required if the project is completed with discussions over the phone/email. However, if interested, we would be happy to come over to your place of business.

ASK has a pretty seasoned graphics department that provides endless revisions unless a customer is 100% happy with a design. We design everything, including logo, flyers, brochure, stationery, banners, and much more.

Yes. And we encourage our clients to have a better look at it before releasing it live. ASK builds your website on a development server and offers access with a username and password. These credentials will help you log in and track the progress of your website.

We encourage you to share your feedback in case you want something to be changed. Upon completion of the site and receiving your approval, we release it live on your server and submit URL to major search engines.

Currently, we do not offer hosting services. However, we do assist in seeking suggestions for the best available web hosting service provider in the market.

UI/UX Experience

The User Experience (UX) design is a long and tedious process. UX takes into the picture every aspect of the product, what makers believe their product to be, and work towards implementing it at a functional level. Since it is under the operational level design implementation, the process is bound to take a long time as it requires working with the owner and usability validations.

There are a variety of reasons to work with UI/UX agencies in Bangalore. First of all, they provide benefits to large-sized companies by letting them focus on current processes and tasks.

With ASK’s assistance, you receive fresh ideas and advice on launching a successful product or service. Also, as a UI/UX agency from Bangalore, we utilize the best and most up-to-date practices in this field.

User Interface or UI designer has a job of creating wireframes, mockups, designs, and of everything required for the project at hand. A UI designer is also someone who requests for feedback, validate and test designs with real users.

Whereas a UX designer’s job is to understand the requirements, figure out the problem, and then research. To put it simply, the UX designer is one who hands out an idea, while the UI designer brings the idea to life.

Search Engine Optimization

In case you wish to proliferate your business both online and offline, SEO is a must. There is an abundant number of audience that scrolls online to find what they need.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an essential part of an effective marketing strategy as it helps in improving the site’s rankings in major search engines. Following are a few reasons as to why your site needs to be search engine friendly:

  • It helps you in building your brand
  • An optimized website generates more traffic and improves your site’s rankings
  • Helps target audience reach your website.

Search engine optimization is an on-going process as competitors try hard to improve their site’s rankings on the search engines. Therefore, implementing an effective SEO strategy for a short period is not a thoughtful idea.

In addition, it is also important to consider that one cannot expect to rule the search engine charts for a life-time. As Google keeps updating its algorithm, an SEO analyst in Bangalore has to keep a tab on his/her SEO strategy implementation.

As there are a plethora of benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency in Bangalore, there are few techniques that need to be understood – a white hat and a black hat.

White hat is the best SEO practice that is well within the guidelines, whereas black hat is referred to as “webspam,” which is the practice of using techniques outside of Google’s webmaster guidelines. Black hat practices often result in sites being penalized or banned. Techniques like page cloaking, duplicate content, keyword spamming, etc. are a few examples of black hat SEO.

Search engine optimization is an on-going process and requires a dedicated team with exceptional technical knowledge and profound skills in digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

We work with all of the available social media platforms. Some of the social media platforms that we work with are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Also, we work with upcoming and small social media sites that could play a pivotal role in marketing a product/service.

Social media has a variety of applications that can work for every business. Applying social media offers businesses the ability to stay connected with their potential customers.

With SMM experts in the team, ASK effectively manages all of your social media needs.

Our content strategy is tailor-made for your target audience and your brand. We design custom images that work for your brand and post content that are an amalgamation of information, entertainment, and motivates your consumer-base.

A reliable and credible digital marketing agency in Bangalore will help you do social media marketing along with SEO. It is simply because Google is fascinated by the social traffic.

We help you with posting regular content that shines through and encourages audience engagement.


In building a brand, it roughly takes about 90 to 120 days. However, it entirely depends on the availability of clients and the process of decision making.

In order to build a healthy relationship between you and your brand, your brand identity must be made recognizable. ASK creates awareness about your brand to inspire buying and build loyalty in the minds of customers.

A logo is nothing but a recognizable visual symbol that identifies a product or a company. Perhaps, it is the easiest of ways to distinguish a brand because of the uniqueness of graphics and colors.

Branding is an idea or image the audience have in their minds while thinking about a particular product, service, or a company. Branding is basically a recognizable tool that allows a company to stand out in a crowded market.

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