Simple Tips To Creating A Personal Brand on Social Media

Simple Tips To Creating A Personal Brand on Social Media

Building relationships takes time, but the advent of social media has made it easier than ever it was. Developing a personal brand across social media platforms is a lucrative option that has significantly helped many “influencers”. These overcrowded platforms boast audiences that consume content that has a blend of creativity and uniqueness. 

That said, creating an image from scratch requires effort and patience. So here is a simple guide on how you can build a personal brand using social media platforms.

Understanding Personal Traits

Basics first — learning about our own personal characteristics is paramount before kick-starting the self-promotion activity. With content available in plenty on numerous social media channels, you need to define your area of specialty. To cut the clutter, you can ask yourself questions like: What is that particular thing about me that stands out? What are some of the topics that intrigue me? What kind of content is much more relevant in today’s day and age? 

The aforementioned questions will bring clarity — hence helping you create better content online. The more different your content is, the more attention you will draw.

Becoming Consistent (with quality)

A general rule of thumb generally accepted in the social media realm — is to stay consistent by regularly uploading content that defines you or your brand. However, pushing content in abundance might offset the quality, so try not bombarding your audience with dull and ordinary posts. There are different ways to keep your audience engaged — Instagram has polls, Twitter can be used for AMA (ask me anything), and so on. The social media connoisseurs post around three to four times a week.

Consistency Across All Platforms

The key to establishing a personal brand is to maintain consistency across all social media platforms. By developing consistency, your audience will find it easier to locate you. For instance, creating a logo with consistent design templates will be quick to recognize. Following the same pattern on all your pages with creative and one-of-a-kind logos clubbed with catchy headlines will help amplify your profile to a larger audience. The primary objective is to develop a brand that the audience will recall.

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Crafting Engage-worthy Content

The regular sharing of content might not help if you compromise on the quality. A personal brand is lauded by the audience only when there is uniqueness in your craft — and it has some sort of meaning to help audiences understand better. Developing content-rich posts that are in sync with the currency trends/affairs — and sharing it across will generate engagement. Creativity might take a toll, so avoid oversharing content and flooding your audiences’ screen with more self-centered content.

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Joining Groups/Communities

The most straightforward method of connecting to a broader and niche-specific audience is by joining groups or communities. Such groups will give you unfiltered feedback about your content, and in return, share ideas or suggest skills that will help make the most of social media platforms. However, most groups may be overwhelmed with creators — consider joining small communities for better reach. Following are some benefits of joining groups/communities:

  • Learning about other influencers within the network
  • Connecting with like-minded people for reviews or feedback
  • Asking questions to understand the know-how of the industry
  • Useful in discovering new opportunities

The benefits mentioned above of enrolling into a community of creators will expose a multitude of opportunities — learning and reaching out to businesses will also become much more straightforward. Of all the to-do’s required in increasing your presence on social media, seeking help from industry experts is probably the most rewarding of benefits.

Leveraging Tools For Better Reach

Managing accounts on various platforms is a daunting task, but things do get easier with a few applications at our disposal. Apps like Sprout, Hootsuite connect with your social media profiles and let you post content across multiple social media platforms simultaneously without any hiccups. You can use these applications in scheduling posts, thus saving some login time daily. Giants of the business — Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be synced with these applications.

Wrapping Up

Creating a personal brand is a laborious effort, but the rewards are enormous and fruitful. With the right and clear-cut strategy, your audiences will find it easier in discovering your content or the products you offer. The current social media game is strong — but with a unique approach, you will reap the rewards sooner than those not adapting to the trend.

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