Importance of Registering your Business with Google My Business

Google my business

There is a significant demand for businesses to draw the attention of potential customers by sharing valuable information online. With the future of business steadily moving online, it becomes essential for business owners to use #digitalmarketing skills to the fullest. 

Currently, there are a plethora of ways to proliferate your business, which is either in its nascent stage or maybe you’re just unclear of how contemporary marketing works online. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing my two cents on Google’s own business directory ‘Google My Business (GMB)’. Without further ado, the following are a few reasons why #GMB is an essential tool in helping your local customers find you easily online. 

Reasons to register on Google My Business:

Google My Business is a free-to-use program that allows you to amplify your business’s online presence. This tool offers help to both small and medium-sized enterprises in devising and managing their Google listings. The following are a few key reasons to register your business on #GoogleMyBusiness

  • Registration is free: Listing on Google My Business is a form of free advertising on Google. However, based on my experience, it is time-consuming and requires a great deal of effort. Also, GMB offers results and exposure faster than other advertising strategies. Besides my designing skills, I’ve helped many businesses with the listing process.
  • Increase visibility: Listing your business with Google My Business is the best way of bringing your business closer to a large audience. The search engine makes it extremely easy for your targeted audience to discover business details, such as working hours, contact information, and directions. 
Google my business

Furthermore, the software also raises the chances of potential clients visiting your shop. Once listed, customers using Google Maps will be easily able to find your place of business.

Improve credibility

If there’s one thing making you anxious when running a small business, then it is a lack of credibility. As a business owner grappling to stay in the game, building trustworthiness in a customer’s eyes becomes crucial. With the incredible reliability customers have in Google, your small enterprise is most likely to benefit from Google My Business. As a reputed #digitalmarketingagency, the prolific in-house team at Ask Network will help your business achieve noticeable results.

Receive customer insights

In order to run a successful business, you must gain insights into how customers find your Google My Business page. This treasured data is available in the “Insights” section to learn about the actions taken by a customer on your listing. A few of those include: where they do/don’t see you, the number of views/actions, etc.

Enhance engagement with customers

As a growing business, you don’t want to dawdle — you must give your customers a space to interact and engage about your business straight from their smartphone. There are more straightforward ways to reach out to your concerned customers, including answering reviews/questions/calls, or by uploading relevant content. 

The digital landscape has something in store for each of us — be it small or large enterprise. Although the online world has a lot to offer, it has to be taken care of religiously. Since I’ve been part of this for a long time, my assistance in accordance with the Google guidelines will get you more leads and skyrocket your online presence.

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